2 Minutes To Code (β Version)

JMeter - 2 minute tutorial

Example of Aggregate Results Listener (sample usage)

The Aggregate Results listener shows the aggregated results of test plan in tabular format. Aggregated means that all requests of a sampler are clubbed/summarized in a single table record.Let's see an example of this listener in use.

The test plan in this example used a thread-group with no. of threads as 5, loop count as 1 and 2 http samplers, namely Home Request and Changes Request.

Image 1 shows how to add an Aggregate Results listener.

Image 2 shows the tree displayed by this listener. Each record contains data of all requests of one sampler. Notice that the average, median, 90% line, min, max, throughput etc are displayed. The 90% line column is the response time under which the response times of 90% of requests lie.

Image 1: Adding an Aggregate Results listener

Image 2: Table displayed by this listener.