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JMeter - 2 minute tutorial

How to create multiple threads

In the examples seen till now, we have created just one thread and asked it to test one or mutiple urls just one time.

However the Thread-group, object let's you customize this behaviour :
  1. Make multiple threads : Use the field Number of Threads to set as many threads as required for your load test (eg. 100). Notice the field ramp-up period which is the number of seconds that JMeter will take to create all 'n' threads gradually instead of starting the system with 'n' threads in one go. In teh example image this is set to 100, so JMeter will create 1 thread per second and take 100 seconds to create all 100 threads.

  2. Run thread multiple times : The field Loop Count is used to set the number of times each thread should run for eg. 100. You can select the check-box 'Forever' if you want to threads to run uninterrupted.

Beside, these you have an option to schedule the threads where you can set the start time and end time. Alternatively, you can set the delay after which you want the threads to be started or the duration for which you want the threads to run.