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JMeter - 2 minute tutorial

Example of Random Order Controller (sample usage)

A Random Order Controller will make all the samplers contained in it run in random order in each loop of the thread.

In the examples of images shown below, the thread-group has a loop-count of 5 and the number of threads as 1. 3 http samplers are used, namely Issues Request, Changes Request and Home Request. So, a total of 15 (5 * 3 ) http urls will be hit.

Notice in the results in Image 2 below that the urls are in sequential order when run without Random Order Controller.

Notice in the results in Image 3 below that the urls are in random order when run with Random Order Controller.

Image 1 : Adding Random Order Controller

Image 2 : Result without using Random Order Controller

Image 3 : Result when using Random Order Controller